Case Study

Harvey Nichols
Year 2005 - 2009

  • At Harvey Nichols I spent time researching the market, customer demographics and retail landscape.
  • Then I worked with the leadership team at Harvey Nichols and reviewed and analysed overall business performance and brand strategy, reviewing sales revenue , sell through and gross margin performance at brand and product/category level for the previous three years.
  • Once this exercise was completed I worked on a brand strategy and new business proposal.
  • My business objective was to deliver a clearly defined luxury and contemporary brand women's wear and accessories offer in order to align the business with the brand positioning of the Harvey Nichols brand internationally.
  • I developed a brand strategy, presented it to the business and was given approval to proceed.
  • I then worked with the team to  create individual business proposals tailored to each of the  brands that I was targeting and started to establish contact and schedule meetings.
  • I introduced a new children's wear category which delivered significant incremental revenue in its first season as an own bought area.
  • I reviewed the existing buying and merchandising team structure and processes and made recommendations on changes to the team structure and processes that would deliver better efficiency and increase productivity across the business. This included a partnership with a buying office in the US and a new buying team structure and processes that enabled the business to manage the individual markets in a more efficient and productive way.