Domain services

As a digital consultant I can offer clients domain registering services

I am currently applying to become a Member of Nominet so I can act as a Registrar and register UK domains for my clients.

Terms and Conditions of domain registration (to be confirmed)

It is a prerequisite of domain name registration that you read and accept the Terms and Conditions that govern the use of your chosen domain name. Use of ML Domain's facilities and/or services signifies your acceptance of this prerequisite.

Nominet is the Registry for all .uk domain names. Melanie Smallwood (MLDomains) is a bona fide Member and TAG Holder of Nominet. (tbc)

Click here to view the terms and conditions applicable to .uk,,,, and names. These terms apply to all new and existing clients seeking to register a .UK domain name through ML Domains. Nominet is the .uk domain name governing body and we are a nominet member that registers the domains requested by our customers with them.

Customer service levels and prices

  • All registrations made through ML Domains are charged at £20. All renewals are charged at £15. Prices are inclusive. It is free to transfer a domain to ML Domains. To changee registrant details and or TAG details would incur a charge of £10.00. I am not VAY registered so prices are inclusive.
  • Should you feel dissatisfied with any aspect of our service please send details of your complaint about ML Domain registration (where we are the Tag Holder) should be address to All emails will be auto acknowledged and will be reposonded to in 5 working days. Please ensure you include all relevant information and put "Domain Complaints/Appeal]" in the subject line. In the event you remain unhappy with our final response, in cases where your complaint involves .UK domain names, we are happy to direct you to customer services at Nominet, the UK Registry.

Abuse contact

If you suspect any of the domain administered by us are subject to any abuse please contact us by emailing


Renewal reminders

We endeavour to send a renewal reminder to all registrants at the following intervals. 3 months, 2 months, 1 month, and 1 week before expiry date. We will also endeavour to give last minute reminders. If you do not respond to our renewal reminders and the domain name expires, it will be suspended by the Registry. The suspension period differs between .UK Domains and .com and other gTLD (global Top Level) domains. See below.

.UK Domains: In the case of .UK Domains, these are suspended 30 days after expiry date. Throughout this period it is still possible to renew your domain name and ML Domains does not charge any additional fees for 'unsuspending' a .UK Domain name (other than the relevant renewal fee). However, what will happen, is this: any hosting services that are associated with the domain name will stop working. If a suspended domain name is renewed, these services will be resumed fairly soon after renewal (assuming there are no hosting fees outstanding).

Even after suspension of a .UK Domain name there is another period of 60 days before cancellation of the domain name takes place. You may still reinstate your registration up until this time by contacting ML Domains . For more information on this process see here: nominet/renew

Refund Policy - Domain Names:

Like all our counterparts in the industry, we operate a no refund and no cancellation policy on domain names. Please double check the domain name you are ordering and make certain it is the one you want. If you make a mistake you will need to resubmit a new application which will be chargeable at our normal price/s.

Policy - Domain transfers

Should you wish to transfer a domain name away to another Registrar, our usual fee for this service is £10. This includes gTLD transfers and/or Auth Code requests (eg: .com, .net, .org, .eu etc). In the case of .uk domains, please double check you send us the correct Tag which is always in CAPITAL letters. There is usually no fee if you are transferring in, but in any event, if we have to spend inordinate amounts of time dealing with a transfer on your behalf, we reserve the right to negotiate a fee with you.

Although I double check domain name registration requests manually before submitting them to the relevant Registry, this is strictly a double-checking service and should not be construed as a guarantee of any kind, nor does it guarantee anything at all in terms of a domain name registration. What we do is what we say we do: we double check the details submitted to us for incorrect entries that may conflict with the rules and regulations governing the use of a specific domain name at any given time.

ML Domains reserves the right to decline a domain name registration or renewal request at its discretion. When ML Domains registers or renews a domain name or hosting account on your behalf, whether through a 3rd party or not, it is understood that it is your responsibility to ensure all registration, renewal, or other required fees have been paid to ML Domains , and it is your responsibility to ensure renewal of your own domain name.

Whilst ML Domains uses its best endeavours to ensure registration or renewal of domain names, it is understood and accepted, it is ultimately your responsibility, as the registrant, not ours. Use of this website and therefore our services indicates your acceptance of all terms all conditions on it. Please do not use our services if you do not accept these clauses which are standard throughout the industry. ML Domains reserves the right to withhold services on any domain name or hosting account ordered, until settlement of all debts due or claims under the company's contract with the Registrant or Client are satisfied. This includes refusal of transfer of domain names if such debts or claims are outstanding.

Please do not use ML DOmain services if you do not accept our Terms and Conditions.
6. We reserve the right to refuse an application for a hosting account or to deactivate an existing account should we feel there is probable cause for doing so, such probable cause including spam or unacceptable load on server resources. ML Domains shall be the sole arbiter of what constitutes probable cause.

All domain name or hosting fees are payable in advance and non-refundable under any circumstances.

14. Hacking/Cracking
ML Domains will report illegal activities to the appropriate regulatory, administrative, and/or governmental authorities.
The following examples of unacceptable behavior are non-exclusive and are provided for guidance purposes only. If you are unsure if your actions will be a violation of our policies please email.